Good hot-dip galvanizing begins with iron-free Flux

The Problem

Additional costs due to hard zinc, zinc ash and mud

In hot dip galvanizing, iron and acids are carried in the chemical pre-treatment and accumulate in flux baths, impairing the flux effect. The additional iron in the flux reaches workpieces in the zinc pot - additional costs.


The Solution

Save resources & costs through continuous flux treatment

The DE-IRON UNIT® generate a reduction in hard zinc and zinc ash, an increase in hot-dip galvanizing quality (e.g. through avoidance of zinc splashes), and a reduction in disposal costs 



The Systems

Mobile container systems for batch-mode. Stationary system for all vessel volume

Mobile versions

The mobile versions of the De-Iron-Unit® are suitable for flexible use within the flux treatment and iron removal of existing tanks in batch mode.

For short-term, fast and mobile iron or sludge removal, we offer our Zinc Service with this type of system.

TYP 1: < 50 m3
TYP 2: > 50 m3 flux volume

Stationary system

For permanent use, so you can consistently achieve better hot-dip galvanizing results.

TYP 3: small space requirements starting from circa 1,5 x 2 x 2,2 m